My Dad

Listen to your father, who gave you life…

Proverbs 23:22



Dad, the original “Natural”.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and this is my Dad, Jerry.  He was a great baseball player, that’s for sure.  Five Home Runs in one game.  True story.  I’ve seen the newspaper clipping.  Plus, once when I was home sick in bed, Dad brought me an ice cream sundae.  I never had one that tasted that good.  I felt better instantly.

But, it’s Dad’s most recent turn as a caregiver that’s really touched my heart.  My Mom recently had triple bypass heart surgery.  And, because of the pandemic, Dad’s her designated caregiver.  I’ve got to say, he’s doing a fantastic job.  Making sure she’s eating right, and taking her for short walks to get in some exercise.  I’m so proud of him.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!





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