Everyday Blessings

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“I have set before you life and death…blessings and curses…choose life, so that you and your children may live.”  Deuteronomy 3:19 (NIV)


I believe that even on the worst of days, there are blessings all around us, if we look for them.  So, I’ve decided to capture some of the Everyday Blessings I encounter, and record them, to remind me of all the good stuff that happens on a day-to-day basis.  Here’s a just a couple of the “blessings” I witnessed today.

  • Went to a breakfast buffet, and the owner of the restaurant gave us one of his famous “Giant Cinnamon Rolls”.  He wasn’t kidding.  The roll was as big as my face, and weighed over 12 oz.  I verified it by setting it on a scale.  That’s one honking roll, my friend.  Now here’s to hoping I somehow keep from gaining any weight having eaten 1/2 of the aforementioned behemoth of a roll!
  • Saw a homeless man sitting on side of road, with his dog on his lap–both were asleep.  Even in these dire circumstances, these two seemed peaceful, because they had each other to lean on.  Pets are the best companions–they really are man’s(and woman’s) best friend.  Reminded me how fortunate I am to have my furry angel, Rosy.

Remember, the best blessings are those we confer upon others.  Now, go out and be a blessing.


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